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Autumn's Eye Photography Specializes in High Quality and Creative Imagery

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Autumn is very clear and concise at communicating & directing the shoot to ensure the individual looks & feels great, as well as helping the subject to understand the story being told in the photo. She also can collaborate well with a person's own ideas, allowing them to have some personal input, while still maintaining full creative control over the session.

Overall, she's charming & fun to work with & has a great eye & skill for capturing you at your best!

Marble Surface


Autumn’s Eye Photography provides some of the best photography services in the DMV. Autumn was very professional, down to earth, flexible, and creative. Customer service is excellent. I recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer.

Marble Surface


I Love working with Autumn! Very innovative and eager to work ANYTIME! We have worked together on plenty of projects and I always admired her dedication and strength to always push through! She’s an amazing photographer and she has an amazing eye! The most important quality is that she makes you feel so comfortable & beautiful during the shoot. She boosts your confidence where your pictures are a guaranteed success!!!

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